Why We Should Stay Clear of Distilled & Bottled Water


Refining is the method whereby water is steamed, evaporated, and the vapor condensed back to liquefied water. Due to the byproducts of these processes, even distilled water is dangerous to your health.

Know the reasons why we should stop drinking distilled and bottled water

Know the best and safest way to consume water today!

Distilled water has the wrong ionization, pH, polarization and oxidation. If you drink it for a long time, it can siphon your body of essential minerals. This happens due to the fact that distilled water is like a vacuum cleaner without any type of minerals so it will really leach beneficial minerals from your body to stabilize it out. While this might just be valuable for a short period during some sort of detoxifying routine, it’s generally very harmful in the long run.

Distilled water is likewise strongly acidic. Most of us are far too acidic already and the last thing we should be drinking is a fluid that will definitely make us also a lot more acidic. The reason why distilled water is generally promoted as advantageous is due to the fact of its absence of contaminants. Having said that, many of the tools that distill water are made of metals which will literally bring certain poisonous metal elements like nickel back to the water and aggravate health and wellness.

Bottled water on the other hand is no better. Not only that the plastic bottle container is a major strain to the environment, but the water itself contained inside it is no cleaner than tap water since 40 percent of bottled water is actually just regular tap water which could or might not have actually obtained any sort of extra filtration processes. Plus, the metal element known as antimony has been discovered in lots of commercially bottled waters sold in the market today! The amount of it leeching in to the water you’re drinking depends on the maker or the brand.

It has also been found out that the longer a container of water sits on a rack in a grocery shop or in a refrigerator, the higher the amount of antimony will become. The largest culprits were packaged in polyethylene terephthalate compartments. It is thought that the volume of antimony leeching from these bottles differ based on exposure to sunlight, greater climates, and varying pH degrees.

Many municipal tap water though typically far from pure need to actually adhere to stricter purity requirements than the bottled water business. In one research, a third of greater than 100 bottled water brand names tried for pollutants were located to have chemicals like arsenic as well as carcinogenic compositions at degrees beyond state or market standards. That is why it is very important to know the best way of utilizing drinking water for in today’s current situation, almost everything is hazardous to our health even the ones we consider to be the basic essential of life such as water. This does not however mean that we should no longer be drinking water because that would be totally absurd. What we suggest is that you should be able to know the best and safest water filtration system today that is not involved in any of the harmful processes and chemicals stated all over the news. Contact us now and save your health before it’s too late. This is something that should be taken seriously.

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