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Water Pollution

There are many causes of water pollution and so we will be discussing each one here. Before we get started we want you to know that there are two types of water pollution and that is point source and non point source. Point source water pollution is when harmful substances directly contaminate water whereas Non point source water pollution is when harmful substances indirectly contaminate water. Let us now get to the main causes of water pollution to make us aware how essential it is to only have the best water filtration system possible.

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Water Pollution Cause #1 is pesticides which when applied to plants tend to be brought down to bodies of water especially during rainy days. Not only does this happen to agricultural fields but it is also happening to personal households as well which is very alarming. Based on water pollution facts it has been found out that America spends about $400 million every year just to treat contaminated water caused by a common agricultural pesticide.

Water Pollution Cause #2 are fertilizers and its nutrients. Yes you read that correctly, nutrients although mostly connoting something positive can still become a negative cause of water pollution. Why? It is because these nutrients especially the ones found in fertilizers when brought in excessively high levels can over nourish the growth of water plants and algae leading to blockage of water ways and preventing sunlight to get into deeper water.

Water Pollution Cause #3 Oil Spills and Gas Additives which are both hard to prevent from happening. Oil spills can become a major water pollution since it is very messy and very hard to clean up at the same time very fatal to aquatic life. Leaking gas additives on the other hand also contribute to water pollution in which it is estimated that about a hundred thousand gas tanks leak into groundwater according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Wells supplying half of the needs of a certain city in California have been closed due to very high gasoline additive leaks.

Water Pollution Cause #4 is mining. This fourth cause of water pollution happens in several ways. One Is the minerals left and extracted from mining jobs that become washed away by rainwater later on contaminating to other vital source of water bodies even if the mining process have already stopped. Another thing about mining is the cyanide that is intentionally placed so as to chemically find some valuable gold mines which later on will find its way to drinking waterways. This is one of the most alarming kinds of water pollution since a lot of gold miners do not know how to properly dispose their mining wastes compromising our health and drinking water by disposing the wastes to just about anywhere leading to ground water and rivers. This is very serious especially to highly industrialized first world countries. This water pollution crisis is something that should never be taken lightly so let’s do it!

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