ARIIX Puritii Water Filter Bottle: Features and Benefits

ariix puritii water filter bottle features

ARIIX Puritii Water Filter Bottle Now that you have a good understanding of what this innovative filtering system in a bottle known as the ARIIX Puritii Water Filter Bottle is all about, it is time for you to understand its features and benefits that make it the stand out above the rest when it comes […]

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Purifying Water by Oxidation

purifying water by oxidation

Purifying Water One of the ways of purifying water is through a process we call oxidation. Based on the name itself, oxidation is defined by something that involves the element of oxygen. Purifying water by oxidation consist of three types and these are one aeration, two ozone, and three electronic purifications and dissolved oxygen generation. […]

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Pure Water Facts

pure water facts

Pure Water A lot of us are already taking pure water for granted in general. For some reason, it seems that almost all of us are used to the sweet and fresh feeling of sodas, juices, and liquors that we are already making it alternatives to drinking pure water! A lot think that pure water […]

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Why the ARIIX Puritii Water Filtration System

ariix puritii

ARIIX Puritii Although there are many different ways to purify water to make it safe for drinking, there is however one very convenient, fast, accurate, and effective way to do it and it is through the use of a portable water filtration system called the ARIIX Puritii. Get your hands on the ARIIX Puritii innovation […]

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How to Purify Water: Do-It-Yourself Chlorination

purify water through chlorine

Purify Water There are many ways to purify water to make it safe for drinking and one of which is through chlorination, an alternative to boiling. This is very critical especially if you are in a place wherein you do not have any access to anything else but chlorine. Do not worry about the fact […]

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Water Pollution Solutions 2 of 2

Water Pollution Water Pollution Solution #6 is to fight global warming since two main water pollution threats come from this and they are ocean acidification and ocean temperature. Remember how we discussed earlier the causes if water pollution relating to acidification and heat resulting to a rise in water temperature? Yes they are the products […]

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Water Pollution Solutions 1 of 2

Water Pollution Now that we have learned the causes of water pollution we should not just read and forget about it but we should start looking for solutions instead. A lot probably do not care but if you want to survive then you must care. Here are our contributions to water pollution solutions. Know the […]

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Water Pollution Facts

Water Pollution After being able to discuss about the causes and solutions to water pollution we hope by now you will be able to contribute in your own ways in fighting this off. Know the recent facts regarding water pollution Fight water pollution NOW! For your convenience and added knowledge here are some recent and […]

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Water Pollution Causes 2 of 2

Water Pollution Water Pollution Cause #5 is sediments. These sediments are able to get free and run into bodies of water when the roots that previously hold the soil in place dies due to clear cutting and poor farming. Know the different causes of water pollution Fight water pollution NOW! Water Pollution Cause #6 is […]

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Water Pollution Causes 1 of 2

Water Pollution There are many causes of water pollution and so we will be discussing each one here. Before we get started we want you to know that there are two types of water pollution and that is point source and non point source. Point source water pollution is when harmful substances directly contaminate water […]

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