Your Tap Water Quality

Tap Water Quality Human beings can survive for weeks without food. In fact, most of us could survive for a full 30 days without food. It wouldn’t be much fun – but it would be possible. However, there isn’t a single person among us who could survive for 30 days without water. Without water, people die quickly, within just […]

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New Worries for the World’s Water

by Claire Hope Cummings Today is World Water Day. The United Nations has set aside one day a year to focus the world’s attention on the importance of fresh water. And rightly so, as we are way behind in our efforts to protect both the quantity and quality of the water our growing world needs […]

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Pure Drinking Water… What’s In Your Bottled Water?

Myth: Bottled water is safer. Fact: Bottled water can be from any source and treated in any manner. The two largest brands of bottled water in North America, Coca-Cola’s Dasani and Pepsi’s Aquafina brands use filtered municipal tap water. The NRDC found plenty of bacteria and chemicals in bottled water, including arsenic and methylene chloride. […]

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Three Reasons Not to Drink Bottled Pure Water: Reason #3

unrecycled bottled pure water

Pure Water   Third and last reason why you should not drink bottled pure water ever again is simply because of the fact that the plastic bottle container itself is not good for both the environment and your health. You see, this so-called bottled pure water produces up to about 1.5 million tons of plastic […]

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Three Reasons Not to Drink Bottled Pure Water: Reason #2

commercialized bottled pure water

Pure Water Second Reason why you should stop drinking bottled pure water is because of the fact that it is no better than tap water. Bottled pure water is pretty much like regular tap water commercialized and placed inside a bottle…seriously! I am not trying to ruin the reputation of big companies here but rather […]

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Pure Water: Uses, Advantages, and Disadvantages

pure water many uses

Pure Water   Besides the fact that it is a basic need for human and animal survival, pure water can be used in so many different ways with its own set of pros and cons. It is really up to your own ingenuity of how you will be able to make good use of its […]

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Importance of Pure Water

why pure water is so important

Pure Water Many people do not take pure water seriously and only take it for granted. That is where they are wrong because when you really think of it, pure water is actually as important as food. Why? An individual may live 40 to 100 days without food whereas survival beyond seven days without water […]

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Pure Water Definition

real pure water

Pure Water   You may have a good basic knowledge of what pure water is all about especially if you have been constantly following and reading the previous articles on this site. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who really do not know the exact definition of real pure water. Being able to […]

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New Year’s Resolution: Share Pure Water

new years resolution pure water

Pure Water   It is time to say goodbye to good old and say hello to the year! The days are fast approaching when this year finally comes to an end. Before we finally face the New Year, let me first ask you one simple question…have you done something meaningful this year 2012? Please be […]

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