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A new study has actually identified that people suffering from obesity lost 5 pounds more when drinking two cups of water prior to each dinner after 3 months. A year later on, they also kept even more of the weight off. Basing from this study we will be discussing today how water has been discovered to aid in weight loss!

The relation of water to weight loss

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First things first, we all know how essential water is to our lives right? It is very impossible to survive without water. You could in fact endure without meals for months, however without water you will perish just after a few days. So unnecessary to say, water is indeed definitely crucial to life and to weight loss…

Every day you lose water from your body via urine and perspiration, and because of this our body needs it to be replenished which is why we experience thirst. If you do not consume enough water you can effortlessly become dehydrated and you know how most people experience dehydration as hunger. In other words being dehydrated can make your body think that it is hungry instead of thirsty because the two are similar. If you’re consuming lots of nutritionally balanced foods and you still feel hungry, it can very well hold true that you are dehydrated and you need water to fill you up. Most people do not do this so they tend to eat more which is the main reason why people suffer from obesity. But if you are aware of this (you are aware now that you have read it) you can actually use is to your advantage. This is a really solid tactic that you will be able to use just before you eat your meals. As analysis show and as written earlier, drinking 2 cups of water before each dinner will definitely help you drop much more weight.

Whether the water functions by physically packing you up, improving your metabolic process or just replacing sugary refreshments like juice and soda isn’t yet known. The true reason of why and how water helps in weight loss is still a mystery although many have already experienced its results. Just remember that the important thing is that if you are striving to drop weight, pure water may be the secret weapon for fighting and reducing off food cravings that you have actually been looking for all your life. No more spending on costly weight trainings and equipment. The secret weapon for helping in weight loss is actually found in your household!

One of the initial pieces of advice we give to anybody striving to achieve weight loss is to stop drinking soda, fruit juice, sports drinks, and all other sugar-packed, high-calorie beverage. This also holds true to other beverages, meals, or anything that contains fructose because it is not actually dietary fat that makes you fat but its fructose.

Fructose is really not well comprehended regarding how persistent of an unfavorable impact this kind of sugar has on individual’s health and wellness especially in weight loss. For those who have struggles with their weight for years that despite of all the eating plans and efforts you made to lose weight, you still are wondering what you did wrong because you are not getting any results, you should pay very close attention to this. In lots of situations the key root cause for this failure may be the substantial consumption of hidden sugar in a form of high fructose corn syrup which is a primary ingredient in soft drinks along with countless processed and ready to eat meals.

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