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So basing from that tragic incident in California it is indeed particularly essential for parents to relay this vital information to your children for we know how foolish water-drinking contests are common among senior high and college pupils especially while playing cards.

Know how water can become bad for you if not consumed in the right amounts

Learn the best way of purifying your water

After becoming aware of this incident many of you might ask just how much water to drink to ideally support a healthy body. Well, the simple answer to that is to generally keep things in moderation. Remember how we always raise that point every now and then in our articles? It is because that is how life is designed. Not too less and not too much but just right.

To apply it scientifically, knowing how much water to drink relies on different situations you are respectively in. Situations like your diet plan, activity practices, and environment. If you eat plenty of foods that are naturally high in water content such as vegetable and fruits then that means to say that you do not need to drink that much water all. Do not necessarily stick to the widely suggested 8 glass of water a day because it is too broad. It is your body that decides how much to drink since it also has its own ways of telling you. Lesser water consumption is also needed if you do not use much of any type of salt and some other spices. On the other hand, if you do not eat a lot of the ones mentioned above you should think otherwise and follow at least the recommended 8 glasses of water daily. It totally depends on your body’s capacity.

Regardless of just what your diet plan looks like, if you sweat on a frequent basis because of exercise or a warm weather, you definitely must provide your body with even more water than an individual who does not sweat as much.

Ultimately, the best advice we are able to provide you regarding this concern is to follow your natural sense of thirst and look at the color of your urine (see previous article related to this). The idea is that clear urine suggests that you are well hydrated, while yellow urine indicates that you need more water in your system. While this guide is rather helpful, it is very important to remember that some chemicals like supplements as well as pigmented meals like red beets can easily bring considerable shade to your urine so always take note of other possible factors.

The main idea that we would like to emphasize here is that you should be mindful of ignorantly consuming not just too much but also too less amounts of water every day without considering your diet plan, physical exercise practices, environment, as well as your natural sense of thirst and urine. When you do discover yourself in requirement of more water, remember that you can easily acquire it from fluids and whole foods. So be very careful!

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