Three Reasons Not to Drink Bottled Pure Water: Reason #3

unrecycled bottled pure water

Pure Water

bottled pure water reason number 3  Third and last reason why you should not drink bottled pure water ever again is simply because of the fact that the plastic bottle container itself is not good for both the environment and your health.

You see, this so-called bottled pure water produces up to about 1.5 million tons of plastic waste every single year because although the plastic used is of high quality and in demand, over eighty percent of these are just thrown away. It is good if they are at least thrown away into garbage bins but most are just disposed of improperly everywhere such as in oceans and rivers. Our world today has so much plastic waste that is threatening marine life and killing wildlife. What is even worse is that since plastic bottles decay so slowly, the ones produced way back are still in existence up until now somewhere on planet earth!

unrecycled bottled pure water

Know the three reasons why you should stop consuming bottled pure water

In addition to that, these plastic containers require the production of up to 47 million gallons of oil resources annually and the bottled pure water container itself is not safe especially when exposed to heat.

As you may notice, both the container and the content in bottled pure water are of no good value and yet it is baffling why many are still wasting their hard earned money on unnecessary things. Even if you do not have good background knowledge of the water content inside bottled pure water, the mere fact that it is being put inside a plastic container implies that it is never going to do anything good for the environment and even for human health.

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If you are still not really keen on drinking tap water despite reading this article, what I suggest you do as an alternative to bottled pure water is to buy a quality portable water filter so that no matter where you go you would still be able to enjoy safe drinking water without worrying about its hazardous effects on your health and to the environment. Don’t just buy any water filters though since a lot of them are no better than the quality bottled and tap water provides.

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