Three Reasons Not to Drink Bottled Pure Water: Reason #2

commercialized bottled pure water

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bottled pure water reason number 2 Second Reason why you should stop drinking bottled pure water is because of the fact that it is no better than tap water. Bottled pure water is pretty much like regular tap water commercialized and placed inside a bottle…seriously! I am not trying to ruin the reputation of big companies here but rather I am just sharing to you the truth.

Know the three reasons why you should stop consuming bottled pure water

bottled pure water for profits

In practice, seventy percent of what corporations claim to be bottled pure water never crosses state lines for sale making it exempted from the oversight of the FDA. I am not trying to say that bottled pure water is not healthy or contaminated. What I am trying to imply is the fact that bottled pure water is pretty much tap water in a bottle. Just because it is being compared to tap water does not right away mean it is dirty and contaminated since it will depend on the country you are coming from. Water systems in developed countries such as the United States are well-regulated and regularly inspected and maintained by different government agencies and organizations, therefore, making its tap water source safe to drink. Obviously buying bottled pure water in developed countries with filtered tap water is not very practical because it is just like your buying tap water at a more expensive price than it should be. In underdeveloped countries, I can probably say it is alright to buy bottled pure water as long as you know where it is coming from although I do not really recommend bottled pure water in general.

commercialized bottled pure water

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