Pure Water: Uses, Advantages, and Disadvantages

pure water many uses

Pure Water

uses of pure water  Besides the fact that it is a basic need for human and animal survival, pure water can be used in so many different ways with its own set of pros and cons. It is really up to your own ingenuity of how you will be able to make good use of its pureness. Pure water can be used on fish aquariums for example since it is pure enough to be free from all the harmful chemicals and impurities found in regular water such as chlorine and copper. You can also make good use of pure water in washing vehicles because of its ability of not leaving any spots and residues although it will be costlier. Due to the absence of chemicals and impurities, pure water is pretty much the perfect form of water available for various usages besides drinking.

pros and cons of pure water

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The advantage of pure water as you use it in your day to day activities is its ability to give you chemical and contamination free water. Whether you use it on things such as vehicles and fish aquariums or even drink it for personal satisfaction you are sure to have no worries. Unlike tap water which is associated with many problems related to cardiovascular health, pure water is able to give our bodies health benefits simply because it is pure.

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Despite the goodness of pure water with all the health benefits, it is hard to deny the fact that it still has its own disadvantages…you really can never have it all. Due to pure water being pure enough to be free from chemical and impurities it does not contain any minerals such as calcium and iron essential to our bodies. On top of that, pure water also does not have any fluoride which is supposed to be a very important nutrient in the maintenance of healthy teeth. You can make use of alternatives through such as vitamins and food to compensate for this lack in pure water.

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