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In a previous article, we had already had a discussion of why we should avoid distilled and bottled water. In this part, we are going to discuss more on why drinking from plastic bottles in general is not such a good idea.

Know more things about the effects of water and its plastic container bottle

The safest alternative to bottled water

Plastic frequently used to make water bottles contain harmful chemicals like BPA and phthalates which mirror bodily hormones in your body and may leach from the container during ordinary consumption. If you leave your water container in a warm car or reuse it, your exposure is amplified because warmth and strain boost the quantity of chemicals that leach out of the plastic in to the water and then into the body when ingested.

This will lead to complications such as damage to the brain, hyperactivity, raised aggressiveness, impaired awareness, increase in fat development resulting to a dangerous excessive weight, modified immune operation, early adolescence, stimulation of mammary gland maturity, interrupted reproductive patterns, ovarian disorder, modifications in gender-specific behavior, unnatural sexual habits, stimulation of prostate cancer cells, and even lessened semen production.

So the container your water can be found in need to have just as much attention as the water itself since plastic is just not a good choice for containing drinks such as water from a wellness point of view.

National Geographic mentioned one fact that the United States public undergoes 50 billion plastic water bottle containers every year and many of those are never ever reprocessed! No wonder sizable pieces of our oceans are basically filled plastic bottle wastes.

The production method of these water bottles is even an ecological hazard because about 1.5 tons of plastic bundles are utilized to create water bottles each year globally as well as the handling itself discharges poisonous compounds like nickel, ethylbenzene, ethylene oxide and benzene. All these will incredibly damage the atmosphere. To summarize everything based on what we have just read, plastic bottled water overall will never do any good to anything and to anyone. The plastic container where the water is stores is harmful and the purity of the water inside it is even more questionable! And when you dispose these plastic bottles, it will even add more harm to the whole world. This means that bottled water is not only harmful to us human beings but it is harmful to almost anyone and anything including our very own dying mother earth. Find the best and safest solution of consuming water for your health’s sake NOW! We are not trying to sell you for profits but we are trying to make a difference here together with a vision for the good of every single one globally. It is hard to deny that our world is no longer the safe and healthy world our ancestors used to live. Our technology has advanced so much that because of this our mother earth has to pay the price and so will we if we do not act NOW!

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