Why the ARIIX Puritii Water Filtration System

ariix puritii

ariix puritiiARIIX Puritii

Although there are many different ways to purify water to make it safe for drinking, there is however one very convenient, fast, accurate, and effective way to do it and it is through the use of a portable water filtration system called the ARIIX Puritii.

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The ARIIX Puritii bottles are one of today’s most innovative and highly advanced forms of portable water filtration system. They combine both the power of nature and the power of science and are available in both a durable, flexible plastic and a sweat-less stainless steel. Using the ARIIX Puritii bottle together with the ARIIX Puritii filter will ensure you only the highest quality supply of drinking water no matter where you are in the entire planet.the unique ariix puritii

We hate to deny the fact that there are indeed a lot of other portable water filtration systems out there but the reason why I am highly recommending to you the ARIIX Puritii bottles is because of the fact that these bottles have superb technological innovations that are not found in any other water filtration system.

ARIIX Puritii Bottle

The ARIIX Puritii bottle is customized with an ergonomically designed handling to make it easy to carry around. Its custom base molding is also cup-holder friendly and is designed with double insulation to keep liquids hot or cold for a very long period of time. In addition, the ARIIX Puritii bottle is environment friendly because it is made to be used over and over again reducing therefore wasted from empty water bottles. Finally, the ARIIX Puritii bottle is designed to keep dirt and dust out and is high flowing with no leaks not to mention it is also free from chemical toxins such as Phthalates and BPA.

ARIIX Puritii Filterariix puritii innovation

The ARIIX Puritii filter interestingly exceeds standards made by the NSF for the removal of chlorine as well as Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Bacteria, and Virus. It also has antimicrobial technology that is able to effectively eliminate growth of harmful microorganisms within the filter media such as algae, fungus, mildew, molds, and bacteria. In addition, the ARIIX Puritii filter also has this innovative ZeoSleeve Technology that incorporates a natural silicate mineral called zeolite that is very effective in capturing heavy metals and radioactive substances. Offensive odors are also eliminated, taste is improved, and waterborne chemicals are eradicated because of the activated Coconut Shell Carbon also found in the ARIIX Puritii filter.

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