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ARIIX Puritii

Carbon found in the ARIIX Puritii is very crucial to our health since when it is activated, it is effective in eliminating impurities in both technical entrapment and absorption. The sponge-like nature of triggered carbon sieves flecks from the fluid flow by entrapping them as they come into contact with the areas of the carbon. Saturation is a function of attraction that in fact pulls contaminants away from the fluid. This is exactly how carbon greatly improves the taste and gets rid of smells from the water.

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The ARIIX Puritii Water Filter features a silver-based antimicrobial that restrains the growth of germs, algae, fungi, and mildew within the filter media. This antimicrobial however does not protect the user from food-borne or disease-causing bacterias, viruses, diseases or other disease-causing microbes. The application of the antimicrobial is to maintain your ARIIX Puritii filter fresh every time you utilize it. The antimicrobial permits short term storage space of the filter without the requirement to dry out the filter aspect. Over time the ability of the ARIIX Puritii filter to get rid of impurities will definitely be diminished and also need to be changed after 8 weeks of use. You may notice a decrease in flow passage as well as more difficulty consuming as the filter comes to be plugged with contaminants. ARIIX has tried the filter in exceptional conditions with even more than double the rated ability of 50 gallons, however since water ailments change from area to area, ARIIX advises replacing the filter after 8 weeks of usage to assure that it is delivering the max level of defense for the entire suggested duration.

You can put hot or warm water in to the ARIIX Puritii bottle without the risk of damage. The plastic can endure boiling water although it may become incredibly soft and be certainly too hot to handle. It is not however recommended to fill the ARIIX Puritii bottle with temperatures of over 150 F / 65 C .

Finally, the unstained steel water container of the ARIIX Puritii is designed of medical grade 304 ss. The two-walled, vacuum cleaner chamber development keeps water cold, as well as avoids the container from sweating in humid atmospheres. The attractive black covering is flake, scratch and dish washer resistant and also the rubberized bottom avoids slips and skids. The ARIIX Puritii Stainless Steel container holds 20oz. of water with the filter in place. The plastic bottle is made from FDA quality LDPE plastic that does not contain BPA as well as is among the most recyclable materials readily available. It is effortless to squeeze to aid in drinking and is lightweight and holds 20oz. of water with the filter in place. Both ARIIX Puritii containers include a handy finger ring to make carrying the container easier. The flip top pipe is simple to operate as well as incorporates a convenient dirt cover to maintain the mouthpiece clean and pure while the cap is especially made for the filter to hold it in place with a poison-free seal simply by inserting the filter with a small and simple twist

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