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ARIIX Puritii

The reason why the ARIIX Puritii filter pore dimensions are not ranked is because of the fact that pore size rankings are random making it deceptive. We choose to rank a filter by just what it actually eliminates, instead of an approximated measurements of an arbitrary gap. Since there are numerous various kinds of filter media in the market and all of them are designed in different ways, it is just about inconceivable to make a single statement to categorize a filter. For example, some filters are made up of fibers and also do not have spaces at all. We think that it is more necessary to understand what is being removed by the filter than the measurements of the holes.

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In order to make a valid bacteria as well as sickness claim, a filter should clear away more than 99.9999 % of bacteria and of viruses. Many filter companies make deceptive bacteria claims with lower removal rankings than required by the EPA. A statement claiming fewer than the 99.9999% quality standard suggest that the filter was tried to a lesser requirement, or that when it was checked to the much higher benchmark, an undesirable number of organisms managed to pass through the filter. The ARIIX Puritii filter meets as well as goes over the EPA criteria for removal of microorganisms and also infections which means that the ARIIX Puritii is indeed able to effectively eliminate bacteria and other disease-causing microogranisms.

The Patent Pending Zeo-sleeve innovation includes the molecular-sieving power of pure, normal zeolite that is surface treated to kill micro-organisms and infection making use of little spear innovation. This surface therapy utilizes chains of particles that are therefore thin and actually pierce the cell wall surfaces of the organisms, killing them upon contact. Organic zeolite is likewise strongly effective in reducing lead and also additional metals. Higher Zeta filtration media that integrates electropositive charged glass =nano-fibers to actually pull micro-organisms out of the water flow like a magnet and hold them tight to the filter area making it possible to filter out very small flecks such as germ without weakening circulation. Sub-micron sized carbons rooted in the ARIIX Puritii filter media remove unstable natural substances, damaging chemicals, chlorine, and nasty tastes as well as smells, while greatly improving the taste of the water.

The ARIIX Puritii filter was created using a mix of the most state-of-the-art purification innovations and materials recognized today. Other filters might include one or two of the filter technological innovations that are made into the ARIIX Puritii water filter but only the ARIIX Puritii water filter conveniently combines them all into one solitary filter that perfectly fits in the palm of your hands. The unique, patent-pending design of ARIIX Puritii filters features 3 distinct filtering technologies. Each modern technology carries out a particular function that, when blended, supplies performance like no other filtration system.

The ARIIX Puritii is independently certified and approved. The ARIIX Puritii passed the EPA guide requirements all of which with flying colors on the examination carried out by BCS Labs.

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