Purifying Water by Oxidation

purifying water by oxidation

purifying water by oxidationPurifying Water

One of the ways of purifying water is through a process we call oxidation. Based on the name itself, oxidation is defined by something that involves the element oxygen. Purifying water by oxidation consist of three types and these are one aeration, two ozone, and three electronic purification and dissolved oxygen generation.

Aeration is purifying water by spraying it into the air in order to raise oxygen content, balance the dissolved gas, and break the odors down. Although aeration is also an effective way of purifying water by the use of oxidation it is not really highly recommended because of the fact that it takes up a lot of space and is too expensive for the average person to afford and benefit from.purifying water aeration

Learn about the different processes of purifying water through the use of oxidation

Ozone is purifying water through the use of highly charged molecules of oxygen to not only destroy and prevent the future growth of harmful microorganisms that come in contact but also to form manganese and iron for post filtration. Ozone is considered to be a very good bactericide and a good type of water purification. In fact, this process of purifying water is already replacing conventional chlorination since it has a stronger and better oxidizing agent with more disinfecting capabilities without any harmful side effects. The only disadvantage of this is the fact that it is also too costly to have just like aeration.purifying water

The best way of purifying water

Electronic purification and dissolved oxygen generation is also another way of purifying water by oxidation. This process of purifying water uses a dissolved super oxygenated water in order to effectively remove and treat all types of contamination such as physical contamination, biological contamination, and chemical contamination. This is also as costly as the ones mentioned above and so it is not an ideal way to purifying water although they are effective.

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