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pure water facts

facts on pure waterPure Water

A lot of us are already taking pure water for granted in general. For some reason, it seems that almost all of us are used to the sweet and fresh feeling of sodas, juices, and liquors that we are already making it alternatives to drinking pure water! A lot think that pure water in general is too bland since it does not have any taste of its own. Today, we are going to be discussing about the different interesting facts about pure water and how essential it is for human health and survival.

Some interesting facts about pure waterpure water

To start, did you know that drinking even just five glasses of pure water every single day already helps in decreasing the risk of colon cancer by a surprising 45% rate? Not only that five glasses of pure water daily also helps in the prevention of bladder cancer by 50% and breast cancer by 79%!

Here’s more, just a little 2% drop of pure water inside the body will already lead to a fuzzy short term memory disabling your focus and basic mathematical skills. Preliminary research on pure water also discovered that drinking the recommended 8-10 glasses of pure water daily significantly improved back and joint pain for up to 80% of sufferers. Also, just a single glass of water is already able to shut down midnight hunger pangs for almost all dieters investigated in a study in Washington, USA.

pure water factsDrink pure water anywhere in the world!

If you also experience constant fatigue throughout the day even though you had a good night’s sleep, chances are its caused by the lack of drinking enough pure water according to expert studies. This is how vital pure water is to our daily lives and yet no one seems to care because of the fact that a surprising rate of 75% of Americans are considered chronically dehydrated!


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