How to Purify Water: Do-It-Yourself Chlorination

purify water through chlorine

purify water through chlorinePurify Water

There are many ways to purify water to make it safe for drinking and one of which is through chlorination, an alternative to boiling. This is very critical especially if you are in a place wherein you do not have any access to anything else but chlorine. Do not worry about the fact that you are using chlorine since chlorinated water is exactly what is being used to purify tap water in a lot of cities. Fortunately, you will be able to know exactly how to purify water through chlorination because we will be teaching you how it is exactly done.

Learn how to purify water by yourself with the use of chlorine

First step to purify water through chlorination is to first make sure that your container is clean and that you are able to filter out large impurities using a clean piece of clothing. A coffee filter can also do the trick. After cleaning out and filtering both the container and the large impurities, proceed to the next step of adding two drops of unscented bleach such as Zonrox for every liter of water with 5% percent solution of chlorine. This is where the do it yourself chlorination process begins to purify water!

how to purify water

Take a break and wait for 60 minutes then smell the water you just chlorinated after waiting. You will know that you have succeeded in chlorinating your water if you can smell a faint chlorine scent. If there is still no scent then please repeat the step wherein you have to add two drops of unscented bleach for every liter of water. Do this same procedure only twice until you can finally be able to smell that faint chlorine scent. If after the second try you are still not able to have any success then it would be better for you to throw that water away because it is already infected with it yourself purify water

The best way to purify water

There you have it, safe drinking water by using the chlorination method. To purify water in this way is considered safe and recommended by the Department of Health especially amidst contamination during unavoidable calamities. So be smart and know the many ways you can be able to purify water in case of emergencies.

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