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Water Pollution

Water Pollution Solution #6 is to fight global warming since two main water pollution threats come from this and they are ocean acidification and ocean temperature. Remember how we discussed earlier the causes if water pollution relating to acidification and heat resulting to a rise in water temperature? Yes they are the products of global warming which is a very serious problem that we all should be fixing for it is caused by everyone in the entire human race.

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Water Pollution Solution #7 is to increase taxes on these specific water pollution causing products so as to lessen the number of harmful usage at the same contributing to governments for further safety and development.

Water Pollution Solution #8 is to make permeable or absorbing streets, parking spaces, and driveways so as to prevent chemicals and other products that cause water pollution from running in to fresh water sources. If it gets absorbed then it will be safely filtered and naturally purified instead of getting into our water supplies. During construction, instead of just the easily absorbing land it is also important to build fences around the construction site in order to prevent mud from getting washed away and carried on to water sources that lead to sediment pollution.

Water Pollution Solution #9 is to avoid littering as much as possible especially when it comes to plastic wastes since these are the known number one cause of clogs and water pollution. Be careful to not just throw your waste anywhere and everywhere. If ever you see some litters please be responsible enough to pick it up as your contribution. It is even much better if you will be able to talk to someone who you see littering and tell them about the global effects that it can cause especially to the lives of the entire human race.

Initial cleanup of these contaminated water sources can cost to about $1 trillion dollars over 30 years which may seem impossibly too high to afford but in reality is very achievable since it will only cost each person about 33 cents per day which is not bad at all for such a high and big responsibility. You see, fighting water pollution and all the other kinds of pollution is not really as hard as it may seem as long as we just work together as one big family. Yes trials and challenges such as pollution may come our way and try to damage our lives but we know that we can face and fight it and stop it for good. After all, every problem we are facing right now is the result of our own actions towards mother earth. So let us be responsible enough to put things back the way they were supposed to be and let us clean up our own mess once and for all. By the way, do not hesitate to contact us anytime if you need more information or tips regarding water pollution how to fight and prevent it in the many years to come!

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