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Water Pollution

Now that we have learned the causes of water pollution we should not just read and forget about it but we should start looking for solutions instead. A lot probably do not care but if you want to survive then you must care. Here are our contributions to water pollution solutions.

Know the different solutions to water pollution

Fight water pollution NOW!

Water Pollution Solution #1 is our first and foremost solution and that is to strictly enforce laws on fighting water pollution. You see, no matter how many water pollution solutions we are going to mention here, everything will pretty much be useless if no strict laws will discipline in making everyone follow and abide in it. Can you see the point? Even if we suggest that in order to prevent water pollution we should do this but if no one is disciplined enough then no one will follow it making everything pointless.

Water Pollution Solution #2 is to reduce nutrient and pesticide pollution by enforcing wise agricultural processes such as biodynamic farming and no till planting and by stopping chemicals used on lawns and gardens. Preservation of wetlands will also help since these filter out water pollution. Another way is to drive less since car emissions. Although we understand how hard and how inconvenient this may be but we are pretty much sure that you can at least find a way to spare some few days of not using your car. That way you not only get to help in fighting air pollution but you will also be able to prevent water pollution. A little goes a long way especially if a lot of drivers just cooperate in doing this.

Water Pollution Solution #3 is to reduce sewage pollution by taking care and maintaing or even upgrading your sewage systems since these sewages needs to be checked on once in awhile for possible leaks that can possibly pollute fresh water sources. Conserving water will also be very beneficial in reducing the pressure and the load on these sewage systems.

Water Pollution Solution #4 is to fight against deforestation since trees play a very big vital role in filtering out polluted water naturally. Not only that, trees are also very beneficial to a wide range of things such as in the prevention of flood and filtering out carbon dioxide from the air. You can help stop deforestation by getting involved in campaigns and programs that ban illegal cutting of trees. In addition to that you can also help by minimizing the use of paper as much as possible such as preferring electronic credit card statements instead of the regular snail mail.

Water Pollution Solution #5 is to support smart growth and urban development and going against unplanned and unnecessary coastal development since as infrastructures are improperly built, it will also lead to more kinds of pollution besides water pollution making it necessary to have a balance of nature and free open space from industrialization and advance development. Remember that for every action we do, there will always be an equal and opposite reaction so let us choose wisely!

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