Water Pollution Facts

Water Pollution

After being able to discuss about the causes and solutions to water pollution we hope by now you will be able to contribute in your own ways in fighting this off.

Know the recent facts regarding water pollution

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For your convenience and added knowledge here are some recent and alarming water pollution facts.

Water Pollution Fact #1

It is estimated that about 1000 Indian kids die every single day just to water pollution alone.

Water Pollution Fact #2

The United States of America uses up about 29 million water bottles of which only 13% are recycled while the rest are improperly disposed. For your information and convenience, plastic water bottles take hundreds of years to decompose and if burned will cause another kind of pollution and that is air pollution.

Water Pollution Fact #3

The great tsunami that happened in Japan back in 2011 has created a 70 mile long island of waste and debris from houses, cars, and even radioactive wastes floating uncontrollably in the Pacific Ocean. In two years time this has been estimated to reach Hawaii and a year after in the West Coast of the United States

Water Pollution Fact #4

Talking about radioactive wastes, the tsunami that happened in Japan and mentioned just awhile ago has been estimated to have dumped more or less 11 million liters of radioactive waste of which radioactive fishes were found 50 miles offshore.

Water Pollution Fact #5

14 Billion pounds of mostly plastic garbage is thrown into the ocean every year killing over 1 million seabirds and 100,000 mammals at an annual rate.

Water Pollution Fact #6

One of the rivers in India suffering water pollution the most is the Ganges River which includes just about any waste you know such as sewage waste, garbage, animal manure, and even corpses of adults.

Water Pollution Fact #7

The Mississippi River in the United States of America carries about 1.5 million tons of nitrogen water pollution creating a dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico every summer similar to that of the size of New Jersey. About 46% of US lakes are too polluted for recreation such as swimming and fishing.

Water Pollution Fact #8

1.2 Trillion gallons of storm water, untreated sewage wastes, and industrial wastes are disposed in US waters every year and that US factories discharge more or less 3 million tons of toxic waste not only into the water but also into the air and land as well.

Water Pollution Fact #9

15 million children under the age of five worldwide die every single year simply because of drinking polluted water.

Water Pollution Fact #10

Half of the total world population does not have access to proper water filtration and treatment systems and about 1.1 billion people all over the planet do not have access to clean water.

Water Pollution Fact #11

Antarctica is considered to be the cleanest place on Earth mainly because of it being protected by strict anti pollution laws.

There are actually still a lot of water pollution facts happening right now as you read this sentence…too many to mention one by one. The bottom line here is that is we do not do something about this then we will still be the ones suffering the consequences anyways.

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