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Water Pollution

Water Pollution Cause #5 is sediments. These sediments are able to get free and run into bodies of water when the roots that previously hold the soil in place dies due to clear cutting and poor farming.

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Water Pollution Cause #6 is because of industrial and chemical processes. This one is hard to prevent since as we get more and more industrialized the byproducts will always be these wastes. In the United States alone 34 billion liters of chemical and industrial wastes have been reported to contaminating underground water supplies of major cities!

Water Pollution Cause #7 is plastic and other substances that are similar to plastic since these substances cause entanglements to aquatic life leading to injury and even death. Not only that, modern plastics that are now being broken down to micro pieces used for several reasons are now being eaten up by marine life moving from one level of the food chain to the next. What is even worse is that plastic does not decompose as it kills and creates water pollution enabling it to stay where it got disposed continuing to kill more and more essential life in water.

Water Pollution Cause #8 is because of household, cleaning and personal care products together with pharmaceuticals. Things from brushing teeth using toothpaste to lotions to shampoos or anything similar goes down the drain leading up to water sources. Although we have created filtering machines it is however not enough to completely filter everything out. If you may be thinking that there are still no serious effects taking place then you should think twice for scientists have already found fragrance molecules in tissues of fish. Plus a chemical known as Nonylphenol had been discovered to affect fish growth and reproduction.

Water Pollution Cause #9 is due to sewage wastes in which a whooping 90% of developing countries are disposing their waste water into fresh water sources creating a major water pollution hazardous to life. This however does not exempt highly industrialized countries since even the United States of America send about 850 billion gallons of sewage waste to rivers and lakes as a result of leaks and overflows. Even beaches in the USA are not excluded making us realize that not even a powerful country like the United States of America is capable enough to completely prevent water pollution.

Water Pollution Cause #10 is from the heat. Yes that is correct heat in a way is capable of causing water pollution since increase in water temperatures also kill marine life. This heat often comes from power plants and factories.

Finally for the last but not the least Water Pollution Cause #11 refers to carbon dioxide. We are sure that your already familiar with carbon dioxide or CO2 and how it causes air pollution. Well, now you know that besides the air, carbon dioxide is also very harmful to water since it causes acidification which can give a big negative impact on the biological systems of our oceans and other water sources.

This is a wake up call for all of us living on this planet. If we want to survive then we must take action and do something about this!

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